My Take on the Best Dressed at the 2020 SAG Awards


Even if I do not choose to watch award ceremonies, I do like to see what was worn to the events. I often wonder how the attire is chosen. A lot of the time the dresses just do not make the mark. A great dress needs to not only look good on the hanger but look terrific on the person wearing it. It has to be the perfect fit, style, and color. If there is any doubt about any aspect of the dress it should be put aside. The perfect dress should speak to the wearer the minute they look in the mirror.

Here is my best dressed list from the 2020 SAG Awards…

January 18, 2020 – Getty Images North America

Zuri Hall stunned in this ombre, textured, teal evening gown. Zuri’s hair, makeup, and earrings were all spot on perfection. This was my favorite look of the night.

And now for the runner’s up…

January 18. 2020 – Getty Images North America

Logan Browning looked like a princess in this “light as air” pink evening gown. Logan kept accessories and hair simple. Sweet!

January 18, 2020 – Getty Images North America

Erin Lim radiates in this sunshine yellow layered dress. Not everyone could pull-off this style, however, I think Erin looks fabulous in this look.

January 18, 2020 – Getty Images North America

America Ferrera looked elegant in her cinched waist black evening gown with side slit. Loved the pearl headband that is so in fashion right now. Black nails painted to match the dress. Very nice look!

So there it is, my take on the best dressed women at this year’s SAG awards.

Lazy Day Garlic Preparation


Dicing a lot of garlic at once can be a bit time consuming. In these instances, I sometimes cheat and get out my Sur La Table Garlic Press. It is my lazy day way to dice garlic.

Put slices of garlic in, push down and the garlic comes out in removable tray diced and ready to use.

The Sur La Table Garlic Press works like a garlic guillotine. Slice the garlic in layers and put it on the press, push down and the garlic is diced and ready to be used. The garlic press works best if the garlic is sliced before pressing. Since I’ve bought mine, they now sell a version that not only dices but slices as well.

New Version: Sur La Table XL – Slices and Dices

Another tip about garlic…to get the skin off easier simply put the garlic down on a cutting board and push down gently with the palm of your hand to crush the garlic slightly. This loosens the skin and is easier to get off. Happy cooking!

January in So Cal


It may be winter, but in Southern California the sun still shines. It is mid January and the daffodil bulbs have popped making it look more like spring. The lavender is constantly in bloom as are many flowers. The orchard is a buzz with bees excited by the blossoms. Oranges and lemons are ready to be picked. My husband often brings in some lemons when they are ripe. Is he hoping for a lemon meringue pie? That does sound good!

My Take on Murder in the Smithsonian

Book Reviews

Christmas is always a good time for me to replenish my reading stash. I had totally run out of books before Christmas. Scandalous! So, now that the new year has arrived, my book supply is once again stocked-up. One of the books I received for Christmas was Murder in the Smithsonian (A Capital Crimes Novel) by Margaret Truman.

This is the first time I have read one of Margaret Truman’s books. The Capital Crimes Series is a series Truman wrote with the setting being the Nation’s Capital. I was drawn to this particular book in the series as it takes place in the Smithsonian and I found the museum setting interesting.

Murder in the Smithsonian starts with the death of Dr. Lewis Tunney. Tunney, a historian, finds out about an international art ring which leads to his demise in the middle of a reception at the famous Smithsonian Museum. His fiancee, Heather McBean, flies in from Europe to find out what happened to her beloved Lewis.

While in Washington, Heather is befriended by Captain Mac Hanrahan who promises that this case will not go unsolved. However, Heather finds herself in danger more than once and does not know who she can trust. Can Hanrahan solve the case before something happens to Heather? Pick up a copy of Truman’s Murder in the Smithsonian to find out. The ending is full of surprises.

My Take on… Gordon Ramsay's 24 HRS To Hell and Back


Season 3 of Chef Gordon Ramsay’s television show, 24 HRS To Hell and Back, aired last night and was it ever an eye-opener. Think a restaurant has to be clean and serve fresh food to stay open? Think again! After viewing an episode of 24 HRS To Hell and Back one may never want to eat out again.

The mission of Chef Ramsay in his show is to go “undercover” to a restaurant, taste the food, and then bring the lack of quality to the attention of all the diners in the restaurant. He then tells the diners to come back in 24 hours for a much improved experience. In the mean time, he gives the management and staff 24 hours to turn the restaurant around with help from himself and his staff. Chef Ramsay lets the staff know what needs to be changed in order to save their restaurant.

In the semi-truck that houses Chef Ramsay’s traveling kitchen, his chefs train the cooks at the restaurant how to prepare a new menu that has been made by Chef Ramsay. The wait staff is busy cleaning and gutting out the dinning area. Re-painting and decorating to make up-to-date changes to the restaurant. The kitchen is also being cleaned from top to bottom.

Chef Ramsay helps management see the changes needed to be made in order to have a functioning restaurant. He points out what is wrong and how to fix it, and he means business. If the changes are made and the restaurant keeps up with the new agenda, hopefully, the restaurant will be able to turn it’s self around and be profitable.

With the amount of filth in the kitchen, the disgusting sanitation habits, and the expired food that was being served in the restaurant on last nights episode, I may never eat out again! It was beyond GROSS! It really makes one wonder what is going on in the kitchen…

As a fan of Chef Gordon Ramsay, I would have to say this show is worth a view. Also, good for you Chef Ramsay, for helping these restaurants turn themselves around. My only question is…How are these restaurants remaining open and where are the health inspectors? I think I’ll be dining in tonight. Bon Appetit!



Free Flight Exotic Bird Sanctuary located in Del Mar, California is a fun place to go to interact with exotic birds. The purpose of this non-profit is to provide a sanctuary for birds and allow them to interact with the public. Some of these birds have out-lived their owners while others have been removed from a less than desirable home environment. Some birds are not adoptable, while others can be adopted to a good home.

The birds are in an outdoor area with a koi pond. Some are on perches, some are in cages. Most can be held and fed. Some of the birds are not as friendly and are not allowed to be held. I was told that most all of the birds can talk to some extent. One says full sentences, one mimics two different rings of a telephone, and my favorite said “hello, pretty bird” and gave a hearty laugh. A couple of the birds were quite old. One was 71 years old.

The volunteers at the sanctuary were very knowledgeable about the birds and I learned some interesting facts about the birds. Not only were the volunteers knowledgeable, some of the other visitors were as well. One woman we talked with goes to Free Flight twice a week and was very familiar with the birds and what they could say.

Looking to get some hands-on experience with birds? Check-out Free Flight Exotic Bird Sanctuary.