A Little Something That Made Me Chuckle


I ordered a package and it came in the standard brown cardboard box, or so I thought. I did not notice anything odd about the box until I was getting ready to dispose of it. When I turned the box over, I had quite a chuckle.

This box had quite the personality. Written on the outside of the box was the following…”I want to be a pizza box. Recycle me. ” How funny. These words somehow made my box come alive. I said to the box, “Don’t worry, you’ll be recycled.” I really do hope the box gets it’s wish and becomes a pizza box. Hopefully, the workers at the recycle plant will get the message…

As always, Find Humor in the Small Things!


That Mailbox is a Real Character!


I have come across some interesting mailboxes when out and about. Some look as though they might barely hold the mail. Some mailboxes are shiney and new. Some are wimsical. Some are bright, others dull. But it’s these latest characters that have caught my eye.

Minions! Not one, but two minion mailboxes standing side by side along the roadside in Maine. Needless to say, my husband turned around so that I could get pictures. Yes, I crossed the busy road and got my legs bitten-up by misquitos, while standing in the grass to get my picture beside these cuties. Of course, it was worth it. Love, love, love the Minions.

As always, Enjoy the Scenery!