A Little Something That Made Me Chuckle


I ordered a package and it came in the standard brown cardboard box, or so I thought. I did not notice anything odd about the box until I was getting ready to dispose of it. When I turned the box over, I had quite a chuckle.

This box had quite the personality. Written on the outside of the box was the following…”I want to be a pizza box. Recycle me. ” How funny. These words somehow made my box come alive. I said to the box, “Don’t worry, you’ll be recycled.” I really do hope the box gets it’s wish and becomes a pizza box. Hopefully, the workers at the recycle plant will get the message…

As always, Find Humor in the Small Things!


My Take on Diary of a Wimpy Kid – Wrecking Ball

Book Reviews

Well Diary of a Wimpy Kid fans, the new book Wrecking Ball has hit the shelves. This is the 14th book in the series. Jeff Kinney’s latest book has the Heffley family attending a funeral and receiving an unexpected inheritance. Greg’s mom has big ideas for the inheritance. This seems a dream come true but knowing the Heffley family’s luck… To find out more, pick up a copy of Wrecking Ball.

While the latest book is good, I did not find it as side-splitting funny as some of the previous books in the series. This could be due to the fact that the book was written more about the family’s adventure and not just Greg’s life as a kid going to school and getting into mischief. Having said that, Wrecking Ball is still worth a read. Happy Reading!