Two and a Half Pies for Four People


No matter how large or small the Thanksgiving gathering, it is truely about who you share the holiday with. Oh, and the food. And what is Thanksgiving without pie.

There were four of us this Thanksgiving and we did not need a full size turkey. My first time cooking just a turkey breast for the holiday. Should have tried this one sooner! How easy and quick it was. It came out nice and moist and we still had some leftovers for dinner and lunch tomorrow as well.

But the one thing we did not cut down on was the pie. Oh, I tried…but honestly it was very difficult. Which one would get the boot? We just could not compromise. So, I tried to be good and made half a recipe for the chocolate pie, making them into single serving mini pies. I almost cut the recipe in half for the pumpkin as well, however, they somehow seemed too small. So I made two 6 inch pies that are essentially the same as one regular pie. And then there was the apple-cranberry, new to the repertoire this year. Oh well…none will go to waste.

Maybe next year we will have more restraint or have more people around the table. In any case, we were thankful for the food on the table and the people around it.

Wishing you a happy Thanksgiving!


Hoppy Easter!


Easter seems a bit earlier this year. It is this coming Sunday. I am a bit late at getting my Easter decorations and baskets out. However, we are ready for the Easter bunny. After all, one is never too old for a few Easter treats.

Speaking of decorations, I am re-posting my Easter Diorama directions. This is one of my all time favorite decorations. One that is fun to make as an adult or along with children. Each one is unique and special.

Happy Easter!

Have a Safe 4th of July


My family will be staying in for the 4th. Most likely celebrating with an outdoor dinner of grilled food and a few extras. Usually deviled eggs are a 4th of July must have for me. I am hoping to get my son into the kitchen to help me make dessert. Perhaps we will also get out the horseshoes, croquet, swingball, frisbee, or other such outdoor games.

I am looking forward to my neighbor’s huge flag they put out only for special occassions such as the 4th of July, Memorial Day, etc… It makes it that much more special since they do not display it daily. It makes me happy to see it when I open the curtains for the day and see the huge flag draped over their balcony.

Wishing everyone a SAFE and Happy 4th of July!

DIY Easter Egg Diorama Scene


Here is a favorite Easter craft of mine. I made my first paper mache Easter egg diorama scene when I was in elementary school. I then made them with my kids when they were in elementary school. I just love these eggs! Not only are they bright and cheery, but they also have their own little world inside of them. I filled mine with Easter grass and little chicks.


  • a small balloon
  • string or yarn (it will be thrown out so nothing fancy)
  • newspaper
  • scissors
  • masking tape
  • x-acto knife
  • glue (Elmer’s school glue)
  • old disposable container (a large yogurt container would work well)
  • a plastic spoon (to stir glue mixture)
  • white copy paper (a couple sheets or so)
  • tissue paper in various colors
  • ribbon
  • Easter grass
  • Chicks or small animals to put inside

To make one….

  • Blow-up one small balloon and tie a string around the tied-off end. Tape this string on the edge of a table and let the balloon fall over the edge.
  • Under the balloon (on the floor) lay out newspaper to collect the mess that will occur.
  • In a disposable container, pour glue and mix with water to make a thin paste. (Add water a bit at a time so it doesn’t get too thin.)
  • Cut strips of tissue paper in various colors, sizes.
  • Cut strips of white copy paper. (Some people use newspaper…I think the colors are better over white.)
  • Dip a strip of tissue paper in glue mixture. Run it between the sides of two fingers to squeegee off the glue. The strips should not be dripping in glue.
  • Stick this strip onto the balloon and rub in place.
  • Repeat until egg is covered.
  • Dip the white paper in glue and repeat in same method. (This layer will make the egg stronger.)
  • Dip the tissue paper in glue and repeat in same method for the third and final layer.
  • Clean-up and let the egg hang to dry over-night.
  • Next day….draw an oval for the opening and cut with an x-acto knife. The balloon should be deflated and can be pulled out at this point. Where the tied-off part of the balloon was should be a small hole. Fold a ribbon in half and tie a knot in at the end of the ribbon and thread through to make a hanger.
  • Wad up tiny bits of tissue paper and dip in glue/water mixture and push into place around opening.


Now be creative and make a little scene inside the egg. Stuff some grass in and add animals, etc…

Happy Creating and Happy Easter!

Oh Christmas Tree!


‘Tis the Season for holiday decorating . I found some unusual and awesome tree decorating ideas…

(Featured image: An upside-down Christmas tree is suspended from the ceiling at the Fairmont Vancouver Airport hotel in Richmond, B.C. ( Darryl Dyck/Canadian Press ))

Happy Holidays!

Carving Pumpkins


Although a pumpkin is a great decoration untouched, a carved pumpkin is always fun. Every carved pumpkin acquires it’s own identity. Each carver becomes an artist. It is almost magical.

Pumpkins can be carved with a kitchen knife. However, when my kids were little I picked up a couple of special carving knives sold especially for carving pumpkins. These are an inexpensive purchase that has served us well over the years. I feel they go into the pumpkins easier, save dulling good knives, and are safer to use.

Pumpkin Carving Knife

The lighting of the pumpkin, which has now turned into a jack-o-lantern, can be done with candles. I have switched from candles to battery operated tea lights. In this way, I do not have to worry about fire hazards. This is especially true of this time of year in Southern California when the Santa Ana winds are blowing through.

Battery Operated Tea Light Candles

The ways one can carve a pumpkin are endless. Here are a few of my family’s creations over the years… HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!