Thread Catcher Basket – DIY


Having done a lot of sewing projects lately, I was looking for a better option of disposing of cut threads. My option of choice lately had been to chuck them on the table where they found their way to the floor and left my sewing room in a state of disaster. Yes, I could have opted for a trash can, however, I don’t like the idea of feeling down below the table for the trash, slowing me down. What to do, what to do?

I came across this site for a thread catcher basket. Genious! Just what I needed. I absolutely LOVE my thread catcher basket and it was SO EASY to make. Now I can reach over and place my threads into the basket and empty it whenever I get around to it (it holds a lot). It is also very pretty to look at and washable.

My sewing station with my thread catcher basket.

My thread catcher basket is made of scraps of material I had on hand, so it did not cost me anything to make. Well, of course it did, but I didn’t have to purchase any new items for it. Always wonderful to make a project with items from your own stash.

These wonderful baskets could have other uses other than catching threads. Make them in different sizes for different uses. The possibilities are endless.

As always, Happy Sewing!


2 thoughts on “Thread Catcher Basket – DIY

  1. The one and only class (elective) I failed was 7th grade sewing. I spent half the class trying to thread the bobbin. I couldn’t measure or cut the pattern accurately, either. The teacher shamed me, so it kind of left a mark… I did figure out how to hand sew my daughter’s pointe shoe ribbons as I my mother did for me. I admire people who sew but other than buttons and dance ribbons, that’s about it for me.


    1. Sewing machines are much easier to use these days with all their electronic capabilities. Making a button hole used to take several steps, now you just put the button you want to use into the gizmo and the machine figures out how long to make it. Piece of cake. Could be worth another try. The right teacher is also key. Patience in sewing is a must. Mistakes will come and they just have to be dealt with and move on. Maybe you’ll give it another try…. Let me know if you do. 🙂


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