I am Now a Three Song Gal


It has been a while since my last ukulele post. Yes, I’m still strumming. I am starting to understand the music a bit better. (Thanks Honey!) I think reading the music is actually my biggest hurdle. Since my first post, I have started playing with tabs. This does make things a bit easier in some ways. It helps if I know the tune of the song before playing, so I know if I am holding notes long enough. I am now playing more than two songs pretty well. I guess I will now consider myself a three song gal. I can play America the Beautiful the best. I am quite proud of this one actually. As they say, “Practice makes perfect”. My latest addition to my repertoire is Ah! Vous dirai-je, maman. I am also learning some others, including Aloha Oe, but I can not play them well enough to count them in my repertoire. So, for now I am a three song gal. I guess I better keep practicing! As always Happy Strumming!

Learning to Play the Ukulele


I LOVE Hawaii so of course I love the ukulele. I have never played an instrument before so I thought I should learn. A bucket list thing. Also, if you have read my other blogs, you know I like pineapples. So why not learn on a pineapple ukulele?

I must make a disclosure that I am not in any way musically inclined. I can not carry a tune. I would not make the auditions for America’s Got Talent or even come close. I am not learning to play the ukulele for anyone else. I am learning to play the ukulele to challenge myself. However, I am perfectly happy with not being sensational at this or any other instrument. I will be the first to admit that it is not my calling. Just because I am not sensational does not mean that I can not enjoy trying, so that is what I am doing, just having fun.

I am a two song gal. I have two songs that I can kinda make sound pretty decent, especially if you are not too picky. Those songs are: Leaving on a Jet Plane by John Denver and America the Beautiful. I play them over and over and no one in my family has complained. My husband did give me a ukulele lesson book. Was this because he thinks I’ve got potential or because he thinks I seriously need help? Perhaps he was just being sweet. In any case, thanks for not complaining. I guess this book has helped me. I was a one song gal until I opened it.

So, even if one is not great at something, it does not mean that they can not enjoy it anyway. We do not all have to be perfect at what we do. Although who knows, maybe some day I will be a three song gal.