A Taste of the Islands


When we went to Maui a few years back, we decided to try Hawaiian Shave Ice. We stopped by Ululani’s Hawaiian Shave Ice for our first tasting experience. (https://www.ululanishawaiianshaveice.com) Having never eaten it before, we found it interesting and fun. It was indeed delicious!

In Hawaii, Hawaiian Shave Ice is served in a cute little plastic cup that resembles a flower. The shave ice is served on top of ice cream (I chose macadamia nut.) and flavored syrup is poured into the ice. Indeed a cool, refreshing treat.

At Ululani’s, the syrup comes in so many flavors it is hard to choose. The syrup also comes in sugar-free flavors for those wanting to cut down on their sugar intake. There is macadamia nut ice cream and toppings to add to the final creation as well. Plan to go back another day to try more flavors.

When we got home we looked for a Shave Ice place. We found one! Now when we want a little taste of the islands, we can head on over for a little Shave Ice and dream of being back in paradise. No, it is not Hawaii, but it does bring back the memories. Aloha!

Our version of Ululani’s
Bringing back the memories….
Ice cream and flavored shave ice in one bite. Yum!

Learning to Play the Ukulele


I LOVE Hawaii so of course I love the ukulele. I have never played an instrument before so I thought I should learn. A bucket list thing. Also, if you have read my other blogs, you know I like pineapples. So why not learn on a pineapple ukulele?

I must make a disclosure that I am not in any way musically inclined. I can not carry a tune. I would not make the auditions for America’s Got Talent or even come close. I am not learning to play the ukulele for anyone else. I am learning to play the ukulele to challenge myself. However, I am perfectly happy with not being sensational at this or any other instrument. I will be the first to admit that it is not my calling. Just because I am not sensational does not mean that I can not enjoy trying, so that is what I am doing, just having fun.

I am a two song gal. I have two songs that I can kinda make sound pretty decent, especially if you are not too picky. Those songs are: Leaving on a Jet Plane by John Denver and America the Beautiful. I play them over and over and no one in my family has complained. My husband did give me a ukulele lesson book. Was this because he thinks I’ve got potential or because he thinks I seriously need help? Perhaps he was just being sweet. In any case, thanks for not complaining. I guess this book has helped me. I was a one song gal until I opened it.

So, even if one is not great at something, it does not mean that they can not enjoy it anyway. We do not all have to be perfect at what we do. Although who knows, maybe some day I will be a three song gal.

Growing Pineapples


I love Hawaii and the taste of fresh island pineapple. What could be better than to have the taste of the islands in your own yard? A few years ago, I decided to give it a try.

I purchased a pineapple from the store, twisted off the top and peeled off a few layers of the lower leaves. I placed this in a glass of water, changing the water daily. After roots started to form, I planted it in a pot with topsoil. It is a good idea to put a wire cage around the plant until it is a good size. This is experience talking. One day I came home and found that an animal (most likely a rabbit) had uprooted a newly planted shoot. Lesson learned. Animals do not bother the plants when they are larger, probably because the leaves do tend to be sharp.

Pineapple plants do not have very long roots, so the pot does not have to be all that deep. The plants do, however, get fairly large. I had to re-pot my plants in larger pots as they grew. They also do not need to be over-watered, although they do require a bit more water when flowering to support the fruit they are producing.

I have found that my plants grow better when not in full sun. I have mine on the side of my house so that they are in the shade until afternoon. This seems to make them happy. They also do not like frost. I live in California and in the winter I am sure to watch the weather forecast. On cold nights I cover the plants with a light frost cover from the garden store. It is very light weight and does not bend the leaves. My plants have been burned from the frost on nights when I didn’t foresee the frost. They survived and still produced pineapples. I just cut off the burnt part of the leaves with scissors.

Pineapple plants produce one pineapple and then they produce shoots that are new plants. When a shoot forms, it can be twisted off and planted as a new plant which will in turn produce a pineapple and then more shoots. A few years ago I stared with one pineapple top and now I have six. All of my plants are offspring from the first plant. The first plant takes the longest to grow and to produce a pineapple. The shoots seem to grow faster and produce pineapples in less time than the original top.

I am sure there are different ways of growing pineapples, however, this is what has worked for me. Not only are the pineapples tasty to eat, they are fun to grow and make for an attractive addition to the landscape. Aloha!