I am Now a Three Song Gal


It has been a while since my last ukulele post. Yes, I’m still strumming. I am starting to understand the music a bit better. (Thanks Honey!) I think reading the music is actually my biggest hurdle. Since my first post, I have started playing with tabs. This does make things a bit easier in some ways. It helps if I know the tune of the song before playing, so I know if I am holding notes long enough. I am now playing more than two songs pretty well. I guess I will now consider myself a three song gal. I can play America the Beautiful the best. I am quite proud of this one actually. As they say, “Practice makes perfect”. My latest addition to my repertoire is Ah! Vous dirai-je, maman. I am also learning some others, including Aloha Oe, but I can not play them well enough to count them in my repertoire. So, for now I am a three song gal. I guess I better keep practicing! As always Happy Strumming!