DIY Easter Egg Diorama Scene


Here is a favorite Easter craft of mine. I made my first paper mache Easter egg diorama scene when I was in elementary school. I then made them with my kids when they were in elementary school. I just love these eggs! Not only are they bright and cheery, but they also have their own little world inside of them. I filled mine with Easter grass and little chicks.


  • a small balloon
  • string or yarn (it will be thrown out so nothing fancy)
  • newspaper
  • scissors
  • masking tape
  • x-acto knife
  • glue (Elmer’s school glue)
  • old disposable container (a large yogurt container would work well)
  • a plastic spoon (to stir glue mixture)
  • white copy paper (a couple sheets or so)
  • tissue paper in various colors
  • ribbon
  • Easter grass
  • Chicks or small animals to put inside

To make one….

  • Blow-up one small balloon and tie a string around the tied-off end. Tape this string on the edge of a table and let the balloon fall over the edge.
  • Under the balloon (on the floor) lay out newspaper to collect the mess that will occur.
  • In a disposable container, pour glue and mix with water to make a thin paste. (Add water a bit at a time so it doesn’t get too thin.)
  • Cut strips of tissue paper in various colors, sizes.
  • Cut strips of white copy paper. (Some people use newspaper…I think the colors are better over white.)
  • Dip a strip of tissue paper in glue mixture. Run it between the sides of two fingers to squeegee off the glue. The strips should not be dripping in glue.
  • Stick this strip onto the balloon and rub in place.
  • Repeat until egg is covered.
  • Dip the white paper in glue and repeat in same method. (This layer will make the egg stronger.)
  • Dip the tissue paper in glue and repeat in same method for the third and final layer.
  • Clean-up and let the egg hang to dry over-night.
  • Next day….draw an oval for the opening and cut with an x-acto knife. The balloon should be deflated and can be pulled out at this point. Where the tied-off part of the balloon was should be a small hole. Fold a ribbon in half and tie a knot in at the end of the ribbon and thread through to make a hanger.
  • Wad up tiny bits of tissue paper and dip in glue/water mixture and push into place around opening.


Now be creative and make a little scene inside the egg. Stuff some grass in and add animals, etc…

Happy Creating and Happy Easter!

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