Two and a Half Pies for Four People


No matter how large or small the Thanksgiving gathering, it is truely about who you share the holiday with. Oh, and the food. And what is Thanksgiving without pie.

There were four of us this Thanksgiving and we did not need a full size turkey. My first time cooking just a turkey breast for the holiday. Should have tried this one sooner! How easy and quick it was. It came out nice and moist and we still had some leftovers for dinner and lunch tomorrow as well.

But the one thing we did not cut down on was the pie. Oh, I tried…but honestly it was very difficult. Which one would get the boot? We just could not compromise. So, I tried to be good and made half a recipe for the chocolate pie, making them into single serving mini pies. I almost cut the recipe in half for the pumpkin as well, however, they somehow seemed too small. So I made two 6 inch pies that are essentially the same as one regular pie. And then there was the apple-cranberry, new to the repertoire this year. Oh well…none will go to waste.

Maybe next year we will have more restraint or have more people around the table. In any case, we were thankful for the food on the table and the people around it.

Wishing you a happy Thanksgiving!


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