Using a Frother for Fancy Drinks

Tea with frothed coconut milk

I recently purchased a hand-held frother after reading about a drink called London Fog. I had never heard of froth on tea before. On coffee yes, but never on tea. This sounded like something I had to try. The order was placed. When the frother arrived, I cleaned it and prepared to froth my first beverage.

One point I will make, always use the frother in a slightly larger glass than assumed will be needed. The milk does expand when frothed and can make a mess if the glass is not large enough. That was my first experience with the frother.

Having said that, the frother is very easy to use and takes hardly any time at all. Fifteen to twenty seconds is really all that is needed to make the froth for one drink. Who does not have time for that!

For my version of the London Fog, I made half a cup of tea and frothed one fourth cup of rice milk and poured it into the tea. I found this to be quite soothing. A bit of a change from a plain cup of tea. The traditional London Fog has added sweetners/syrups which I did not use.

I also tried the same thing with coffee. I found that I like the tea version better. I also tried both versions with regular milk and with rice milk. I preferred the taste of the rice milk. The rice milk takes just a bit longer to froth than the milk but had more flavor. I also tried it with coconut milk. The coconut milk should not be too thick or the frother will not work as well. Add a bit of water to the coconut milk, if it is on the thick side, to be the consistency of milk. I also preferred the coconut milk to the regular cow’s milk.

So, in my experimentations, the frother works quite well and is very quick and easy to use. It adds a soothing eliment to the regular beverage and can give the spirit a bit of a lift. Why not give it a try!


Be Your Own Barista


I like to enjoy a good cup of coffee on a cold night. Something warm and soothing. However, it is summer and the temperatures are rising. Somehow settling down with a warm cup of coffee doesn’t sound so tempting. Make mine a cold brew please.

I had my first cold brew at a cute little coffee house that is no longer in existence. Coffee over ice with a straw. It was refreshing and sort of like iced tea in a way, only stronger. At some point I decided I should try this at home. It is so simple to make it seems silly to pay someone else to make one.

I purchased a Cold Brew Infuser Kit by Craft Connections Co. It consists of a 64 oz. Ball Mason Jar and lid with a stainless steel filter basket. It also came with a recipe book if I ever chose to get really fancy with my coffee. I also bought some French Roast coffee beans that I ground myself.

To make the Cold Brew Coffee:

  • Grind coffee beans and fill the filter basket with 3/4 cup of course grind coffee.
  • Pour 4 cups of room temperature water down the center of the filter basket over the ground coffee.
  • Put lid on jar and give the jar a gentle shake.
  • Let the jar steep for 12-18 hours in the refrigerator.
  • Remove the filter basket and pour a glass of coffee in a glass over ice.
  • Store remaining coffee in refrigerator.


Apparently, the Cold Brew Infuser Kit can also be used to infuse fresh fruit into water. That sounds like something tempting to try! Also, I read where cold brew coffee is better for acid-reflux sufferers. It has less acid than hot brewed coffee. This has to do with the beans not being heated. Worth a shot!