Be Your Own Barista


I like to enjoy a good cup of coffee on a cold night. Something warm and soothing. However, it is summer and the temperatures are rising. Somehow settling down with a warm cup of coffee doesn’t sound so tempting. Make mine a cold brew please.

I had my first cold brew at a cute little coffee house that is no longer in existence. Coffee over ice with a straw. It was refreshing and sort of like iced tea in a way, only stronger. At some point I decided I should try this at home. It is so simple to make it seems silly to pay someone else to make one.

I purchased a Cold Brew Infuser Kit by Craft Connections Co. It consists of a 64 oz. Ball Mason Jar and lid with a stainless steel filter basket. It also came with a recipe book if I ever chose to get really fancy with my coffee. I also bought some French Roast coffee beans that I ground myself.

To make the Cold Brew Coffee:

  • Grind coffee beans and fill the filter basket with 3/4 cup of course grind coffee.
  • Pour 4 cups of room temperature water down the center of the filter basket over the ground coffee.
  • Put lid on jar and give the jar a gentle shake.
  • Let the jar steep for 12-18 hours in the refrigerator.
  • Remove the filter basket and pour a glass of coffee in a glass over ice.
  • Store remaining coffee in refrigerator.


Apparently, the Cold Brew Infuser Kit can also be used to infuse fresh fruit into water. That sounds like something tempting to try! Also, I read where cold brew coffee is better for acid-reflux sufferers. It has less acid than hot brewed coffee. This has to do with the beans not being heated. Worth a shot!