My Take on… Gordon Ramsay’s 24 HRS To Hell and Back


Season 3 of Chef Gordon Ramsay’s television show, 24 HRS To Hell and Back, aired last night and was it ever an eye-opener. Think a restaurant has to be clean and serve fresh food to stay open? Think again! After viewing an episode of 24 HRS To Hell and Back one may never want to eat out again.

The mission of Chef Ramsay in his show is to go “undercover” to a restaurant, taste the food, and then bring the lack of quality to the attention of all the diners in the restaurant. He then tells the diners to come back in 24 hours for a much improved experience. In the mean time, he gives the management and staff 24 hours to turn the restaurant around with help from himself and his staff. Chef Ramsay lets the staff know what needs to be changed in order to save their restaurant.

In the semi-truck that houses Chef Ramsay’s traveling kitchen, his chefs train the cooks at the restaurant how to prepare a new menu that has been made by Chef Ramsay. The wait staff is busy cleaning and gutting out the dinning area. Re-painting and decorating to make up-to-date changes to the restaurant. The kitchen is also being cleaned from top to bottom.

Chef Ramsay helps management see the changes needed to be made in order to have a functioning restaurant. He points out what is wrong and how to fix it, and he means business. If the changes are made and the restaurant keeps up with the new agenda, hopefully, the restaurant will be able to turn it’s self around and be profitable.

With the amount of filth in the kitchen, the disgusting sanitation habits, and the expired food that was being served in the restaurant on last nights episode, I may never eat out again! It was beyond GROSS! It really makes one wonder what is going on in the kitchen…

As a fan of Chef Gordon Ramsay, I would have to say this show is worth a view. Also, good for you Chef Ramsay, for helping these restaurants turn themselves around. My only question is…How are these restaurants remaining open and where are the health inspectors? I think I’ll be dining in tonight. Bon Appetit!