Hawaiian Oatmeal Review


I was searching recipes and I came across a tropical delight. Hawaiian Oatmeal found at: https://barefeetinthekitchen.com/hawaiian-oatmeal-recipe/ Sounds tropical…I was hooked on the word Hawaiian.

I have made this recipe three times already. It is a keeper. A nice twist from plain outmeal. A bit of crunch, flavor in every bite, and the fruit is a sweet and nutritional bonus packing in an extra food group.

The only thing I changed on this recipe was the quantity. I cut the recipe down to one serving size which is a half cup of oats. This recipe is for four servings and since I was not making breakfast for all I just cooked enough for me.

Since our orange tree is loaded with oranges right now, I decided to give the recipe another go around with oranges instead of pineapple. This version was also very good and as we have oranges in the back yard, very practical as well. I’ll name this version Californian Oatmeal.

Californian Oatmeal

Ok, so I’m really hooked on oatmeal… Here is another of my creations. I call it Going Bananas! Oatmeal. I used the same recipe idea but used bananas instead. I did not add any bananas to the pot when cooking the oatmeal. I just topped it with half of a banana cut into slices. Sprinkled with the brown sugar, chopped almonds, and coconut as with the other recipes. I liked this version. Which did I like best… depends on my mood.

Going Bananas! Oatmeal

Oh, I couldn’t help myself….introducing Mad About Mangoes Oatmeal.

Mad About Mangoes Oatmeal

So kick-off your shoes, go to barefeetinthekitchen.com and give this recipe a try. The website also has a ton of other yummy looking dishes that are now on my to try list. As always, Happy Cooking!

Spring has Arrived and the Bluebirds are Back!


Ah what a glorious day it is! The kids and I just got back from a walk and my son noticed a bluebird on the birdhouse. Looks like another family is moving in. My husband confirmed this is indeed the case, as the birdhouse door was ajar and a nest was inside. As not to disturb the nest, but to keep the door shut, he made a quick fix with some twine. I can not wait to meet the next generation of bluebirds!

The flowers are also thriving in the yard. Such beautiful colors right now. My favorite time of year for our front yard plants as everything is blooming, budding, and brilliant.

The orange and lemon trees are full of fruit. That means plenty of orange juice and fresh lemon pies! I picked 25 oranges and it does not look like I touched the tree!

Happy Spring!