My Take on…Two Novels by Wendy Jones

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I was gifted the book The Thoughts and Happenings of Wilfred Price Purveyor of Superior Funerals by Wendy Jones. I thought to myself, what an odd book to give someone. Is this about funerals? How morbid!

The book, however, is not about funerals persay. It is about the life of a young man who happens to be an undertaker. Wilfred Price. Wilfred is an interesting young man. A very likable chap really. The book is based around the one mistake he makes, by asking a young woman to marry him and then deciding he has made a mistake. So before things get out of hand, Wilfred decides to take back his proposal. Of course, things are not as simple as that and so the story continues.

The book is set in 1920’s England. In a quaint village where everyone knows everyone and everyone wants to know everything. It is hard to keep secrets in such a place. Although there are secrets being kept, which will lead to complicate Wilfred’s life.

The book is well written. I can “see” the village and the characters very clearly. The book is amusing, funny, serious, mysterious, etc… A nice read.

I enjoyed The Thoughts and Happenings of Wilfred Price Purveyor of Superior Funerals very much. So much so that I ordered the next book, that finishes Wilfred’s journey, before I had even finished the first. The next book, The World is a Wedding, takes right off from where we left off with Wilfred and the other characters. It really is a must read or however will one know what happens to Wilfred. The World is a Wedding is full of new adventures and surprises. It was not a disappointment and left the reader with a complete feeling at the end.

I would recommentd The Thoughts and Happenings of Wilfred Price Purveyor of Superior Funerals and The World is a Wedding. I would also suggest getting both. One does not want to be left hanging at the end after all.

As always, Happy Reading!

My Take on… The Word is Murder

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I just finished another book by Anthony Horowitz, The Word is Murder. This was another winner for Horowitz. In this book, Anthony writes himself, as an author, into the book. Interesting…

The book is set in England. Chapter one starts out with Diana Cowper going to a funeral parlour to arrange her own funeral. Later that very day, she is found murdered in her own home. Coincidence?

Ex-police detective Daniel Hawthorne is on the case helping the department solve the murder of Diana Cowper, who is the mother of the famous actor Damian Cowper. Anthony, who has been hired by Hawthorne to write a novel about him, is tagging along taking notes for the book. However, Anthony is not sure he likes Hawthorne and not at all sure writing this book is a good idea.

How will the case unfold? Grab a copy of The Word is Murder to find out. As always, happy reading!