My Take on the Movie….Knives Out

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My husband borrowed the movie ‘Knives Out’ from our local library for our date night movie. Why are people so careless with library movies? The poor DVD was scratched and skipped and then actually got stuck in our machine. No, it had nothing to do with our machine. So a plea to people everywhere…be careful with the borrowed DVD’s! Just because one does not pay for them does not mean they should abuse them. Ok, so now that I’ve got that off my chest, let us get on to the movie…

‘Knives Out’ is a mystery loaded with big name stars. Jamie Lee Curtis, Don Johnson, Daniel Craig, Ana de Armas, and Christopher Plummer, just to name a few. The story is set mainly in the mansion owned by Harlan Thrombey, a crime novelist. His family has just helped him celebrate his 85th birthday when his body is found by the maid. An apparent suicide. However, an anonymous person has hired detective Benoit Blanc to investigate Harlan’s death. Now that foal play is considered, everyone is a suspect in Harlan’s death. It seems as though there were several disagreements with Harlan and certain family members before his death. Was money an issue? What really happened to Harlan will be revealed before the movie ends. However, this outcome will lead to more twists and turns.

I enjoyed the movie very much. It had me guessing and not sure of how things would play out. I thought the ending was satisfying. I would recommend the movie ‘Knives Out’ to anyone wanting to see a good mystery.

As always, Happy Movie Watching!

My Take on…The Kingdom of the Blind

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The suspended head of the Surete du Quebec, Armand Gamache, receives a letter informing him of a meeting to discuss a will. Curiously enough, Gamache has been named executor of a complete stranger’s will. As he arrives at the meeting place, which turns out to be an abandoned farmhouse, his neighbor, Myrna Landers also pulls-up in her car. Going inside they are met by the Lawyer and are introduced to a young builder named Benedict who was also named as executor to the estate. Not one of the three persons named executor knew the deceased. How odd…

And thus begins the novel The Kingdom of the Blind by Louise Penny. The threesome decide to accept the role of executor and will find themselves not only asking why they were named executor to a complete stranger’s will, but who done it. Gamache will also try to solve his own mystery. The mystery that got him suspended from the Surete.

With likable characters, such as Gamache’s unique neighbors, and plenty of mystery, The Kingdom of the Blind is sure to keep one guessing and intreaged. This novel has two mysteries in one book that are unrelated to each other. So, it is a bit of a bonus. This is not the first in the Gamache series. Choose to start at the beginning or jump right in with this page turner.

As always, Happy Reading!

My Take on… The Word is Murder

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I just finished another book by Anthony Horowitz, The Word is Murder. This was another winner for Horowitz. In this book, Anthony writes himself, as an author, into the book. Interesting…

The book is set in England. Chapter one starts out with Diana Cowper going to a funeral parlour to arrange her own funeral. Later that very day, she is found murdered in her own home. Coincidence?

Ex-police detective Daniel Hawthorne is on the case helping the department solve the murder of Diana Cowper, who is the mother of the famous actor Damian Cowper. Anthony, who has been hired by Hawthorne to write a novel about him, is tagging along taking notes for the book. However, Anthony is not sure he likes Hawthorne and not at all sure writing this book is a good idea.

How will the case unfold? Grab a copy of The Word is Murder to find out. As always, happy reading!

My Take on… Cover Her Face

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This is not my first P.D. James mystery nor will it be my last. In Cover Her Face, P.D. James has created an interesting murder mystery with so many suspects that it is hard to be quite sure who did it in this who done it. However, the cool Chief Inspector Adam Dalgliesh has things under control.

The Maxie’s have hired an assistant maid, Sally Jupp, recommended by Miss Liddell at a dinner party. Miss Liddell runs St. Mary’s Refuge, a home for girls like Sally who are with child. Sally and her baby, Jimmy, move in and Sally starts helping Martha, the Maxie’s maid. Martha is not too keen to have Sally around nor are Deborah Maxie or house guest, Catherine Bowers, who has her eye on Deborah’s brother Stephen. Sally seemed no trouble at first, however , things become uncomfortable and then Sally is found dead. Cheif Inspector Dalgliesh is called to the Maxie house to solve the murder. Could it be someone in the home or did someone from outside make their way inside? It seems Sally has her fair share of enemies and so the mystery begins.

Care to find out more? Read Cover Her Face to find out who did it. It is a worthwhile read and is the first in the Dalgliesh series by P.D. James. Happy Reading.

My Take on Death Comes to Pemberley

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This is my second time reading a P.D. James book and it does not disappoint. Death Comes to Pemberley is a murder mystery that had me suspecting the wrong character, which is exactly what a good author intends. But why stop there? After having revealed the true murderer, the truth behind the crime uncovers yet more surprises.

Death Comes to Pemberley is set in 1803 England at the grand estate of Mr. Darcy and his wife Elizabeth. They are preparing the house for the annual ball when an unexpected guest arrives bringing news of shocking events on the estate that, much to the towns dismay, cancels the ball. Now instead of guests in fancy attire, it is the law that shows up at Pemberley.

Phyllis Dorothy James was born in 1920 in Oxford, England. She was known professionally as the English crime writer P.D. James. Many of her books were put to television and film adaptations. James was granted numerous honors and awards over her writing career as well as numerous honorary doctorates and fellowships.

My Take on Magpie Murders

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Like a good mystery? Why not give Magpie Murders a try. It is full of surprises and written in a way unlike I have ever seen before.

Anthony Horowitz, author of Magpie Murders, has an unusual concept in writing a murder within a murder. A two-for-one if you will. The novel, Magpie Murders, is written by the character Alan Conway in the book. The manuscript of Magpie Murders is given to editor Susan Ryeland to read. That is where the reader begins the book, seeing it through Susan’s eyes. Then, just as the reader is engrossed in the who-done-it, the manuscript ends and Susan is in search of the missing chapters and finds herself in a mystery of her own.

I found it an interesting way to write a book and was intrigued by this style. It left the reader yearning to solve one mystery only to start another and then come back to finish the first mystery. I also liked the setting, a small town in England. The suspects all knew each other or were connected in some way.

So, if looking for a new twist on who-done-its, why not give Magpie Murders by Anthony Horowitz a try. It will be sure to entertain and challenge with more than one mystery under it’s cover. Happy Reading!