Korean Hotdogs (aka Corndogs) Review


What exactly is a Korean hotdog? It is similiar to a corndog but without cornmeal. The batter is made with yeast and flour instead. After the batter is applied, it is rolled in panko crumbs and deep fried. Toppings vary but the Korean way appears to be a coating of sugar.

I found the recipe for the Korean hotdogs and decided to give it a try. I liked how the batter turned out. It was sticky yet managable and easy to roll around the hotdog. I actually rolled the batter with a tiny rolling pin, being careful not to press down too hard as the dough was supposed to be sticky and I did not want to add flour to it. After surrounding the dogs in the batter, I rolled them in the panko which adhered easily. Some recipes for regular corn dogs have left me with such a mess. The batter usually gets all over and is hard to keep on the dogs. This was not the case here. I was enjoying the process. Making the Korean hotdogs was easy and did not take long except for the hour rise time for the batter.

As for the taste of the Korean hotdog? I liked them. They are not as sweet as corndogs. (unless rolled in sugar) They crisped up very nicely when fried. I dipped mine in ketsup and mustard as I would a regular corndog.

Give it a try! I found the recipe at: https://www.chopsticksandflour.com/korean-hotdog-corndog/

As always, Bon Appetite!


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