Lavender Makes a Comeback


I posted earlier about how the bunnies thought my two young lavender plants were a salad bar. I then put up fencing around the lavender and gave the plants some extra loving care. They started to grow back and look healthy. Yesterday, to my great surprise, one of the lavender plants had produced it’s first lavender flower! Not quite in bloom yet but will be very soon. That is the amazing thing about gardening, the big changes from day to day. As always, Happy Gardening!


4 thoughts on “Lavender Makes a Comeback

      1. To be fair, she’s a recent acquisition (less than a month) and we repotted her into one of those nice planters with a water reservoir at the bottom. Did fine for a few weeks but then seemed to be a bit sun scorched. Moved her to a shady spot, continued with early morning watering/misting… But alas, we’re in the terminal phase. Shame – a couple of weeks back she was flowering.

        As an ex-pat Brit, I still find the “take it back to the garden centre and get a replacement” disturbing. Will probably buy a new one once the summer heat here in the DFW area subsides. Pity – attracted butterflies, bees and dragonflies šŸ™‚


      2. Interesting… My husband says Texas is hotter than California and maybe that is the problem. I have never had the lavender get sun scorched. Perhaps they do need more shade. Same thing happened when I tried to grow pineapple here. They were fine when shaded by other plants in the garden but once those were removed the pineapples were scorced and finished. Then I tried growing pineapple on the side of the house that is shaded most of the day and they thrived. Good-Luck to you with your lavender!!!

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