Making Macarons…Round Two


My first attempt at making macarons was such a hit with the family that I did not waste any time at giving it a second go. This time I had two goals in mind. The first, to accomplish the perfect bake time, second, to try a new flavor.

For my macarons, I chose a pretty pink color with a raspberry butter cream filling. (The raspberry butter cream filling can be found at The recipe I chose would work well with just about any jam flavor. I really enjoy adding the different colors to match the flavors of the macarons. They are a joy to look at as well as to eat.

I baked my macarons for about 10 1/2 minutes this go around. I found this to be a perfect bake for my oven. First goal accomplished!

My family liked the raspberry butter cream filling. I think next time I will try a chocolate ganache; a lemon curd could also be nice. The possibilities seem endless.

Macarons with Raspberry Butter Cream

I must say that making macarons is easily becoming an addiction for me. I do not find it as difficult as people make it out to be. Honestly, the hardest part of the whole process is sifting the almond flour. So do not be intimidated to give macaron baking a try. Bon Appetit!

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