Looking at the Neighborhood Through a Lens


I asked my son if he’d like to go on a walk with our cameras. A picture taking adventure. I think what we found in our own neighborhood surprised us both.

We hadn’t gone far when we spotted a woodpecker. Then around the bend and another. Not a big surprise to me. My husband and I had seen three woodpeckers in the same spot when on a walk the other day. I was looking for them. This is obviously their new hangout.

Then a ladybug! I love ladybugs. This was the first one I have seen this season.

Someone was leaving painted rocks around the neighborhood before Easter. My son and I spotted a few interesting ones.

We saw red-tailed hawks flying. A baby hawk was crying in the tree.

We had a nice walk. It took much longer than a normal walk as we were constantly stopping to take photos or point out things of interest. Finally a beautiful, warm, sunny day with no rain in sight. Good to be out in the fresh air ‘stopping to smell the roses’ as the saying goes. The neighborhood looks different when looked at in a new perspective.