Another Fun Utility Box Just Popped-Up


I recently spotted an Orville Redenbacher utility box. Why I love this box so much is that it is near a movie theater and of course Orville was famous for his popcorn, which I grew up eating, and of course movie theaters serve popcorn. The box not only has Orville’s portrait on it, but is printed on a classic red and white stripped popcorn box with popcorn spilling out the top. What an absolutely fun box! Love it!

Any fun Utility Boxes in your neck of the woods?

Utility Boxes as Art


We’ve all driven around and seen the green utility boxes by the side of the road. Some cities have programs for artists to paint the boxes. They do this to beautify the city but also to help prevent graffiti. Some of these boxes look better than others. But I was awestruck at the latest form of art I spotted on the utility boxes. Photography!

Lee Sie Photography creates photographic designs that are used as wraps for utility boxes. The photos used in the wraps are of nature, or outdoor scenes that would blend in with the surroundings. They can be found throughout San Diego in such places as Solana Beach. I like the look of them compared to that of some of the painted boxes because they have a clean, professional look. The first one I saw, I was like, “wow” that looks like a photograph, which is exactly what it was. Take a look…