Peter Rabbit and the Lavender


I should have known better. I let my guard down in the garden and Peter Rabbit (or one of his buddies) made a smorgasbord out of my young lavender plants. Oh no!

I have two other lavender plants that are always in bloom and the rabbits never touch them. I had not thought that lavender would need protecting, however, I suppose the younger plants were more to the liking of the bunnies. I have since constructed a couple of wire fences to protect my two young lavender plants and staked them in the ground so they will not blow away.

As can be seen in the photo, the weeds are making a come back. I guess I’ve been slacking in more than one way in the garden. I have recently purchased a three-pack of new garden gloves as I had worn holes in the fingertips of my old pair; and the weather is gorgeous so no more excuses. Happy gardening!