Using a Darning Loom


I came across this cute little darning loom to mend holes in socks. It can also be used to make patches in jeans or sweaters. The below picture shows my progress darning a sock.

The Katrinkles darning loom is very simple to use. As with everything these days, there are youtube videos to help guide the beginner. Basically, a disk is slipped inside the sock/garment to be darned. On the outside, the loom part is added and secured with a hair tie. Next the warp threads are put in by wrapping the threads around the teeth and taking a small stitch at the bottom of each row, past the hole that is being mending. Weaving is down under/over as always but at the end of each row the needle grabs a bit of the sock/garmet to secure.

I found the Kartinkles darning loom easy to use and the finish product turneded out nice and neat. Since I like weaving, it was a nice little something to do. The socks turned out much nicer than with needle and thread. I am planning on using it to repair some hand knitted socks that I made. Since I went to the effort of making them, I hate to have to toss them.

Since I bought my loom, (which was very recently), the company now carries them in different sizes. It also looks as though one can buy an extension piece if they already own a loom.

As always, Happy Mending!


Desperate Times Call for Mending My Sheets


I purchased (ordered) new sheets a while back. They seemed fine, so I laundered them and made up the bed. That night, I could not get comfortable. I was hot.

I turned to my husband and asked if he too was hot. No, he was fine. Was it just me? After a few nights, I gave up and put the old sheets back on the bed. Everything was fine, until recently that is. A rather large hole had sprung up in the sheets. Oh (bleep)! Now what? I can not even shop for new ones with all the store closures, as of late, and I will not order sheets again. So back on the bed went the new sheets and again I was sweating and uncomfortable. Darn sheets!

So as the old expression goes…”Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures”. I got the old sheets out. No…even with the hole I had not thrown them out yet. I found some scrap fabric in my sewing cabinets and sewed a large patch on both front and back of the fitted sheet covering the hole. I will now say a little prayer that my mended sheets will get us through until the Corona Virus has run it’s course and I can buy a new pair of cooler sheets. I am off to make the bed… Sweet Dreams!

Patched sheet

Interesting fact

The expression ‘desperate times call for desperate measures’ is believed to have originated with a saying coined by the ancient Greek physician, Hippocrates. In his work Amorphisms, he wrote: “For extreme diseases, extreme methods of cure, as to restriction, are most suitable.” —-