Why Do I Keep Stepping on Scorpions?


I got up in the middle of the night and felt something under my foot. Since I have stepped on scorpions in the house before, I had my suspisions. I turned on the light. I was correct in the assumption. EEEEEEK!!!!

This is maybe the third time I have stepped on a scorpion. Most times, these things seem to (luckily) be dead (or maybe just playing dead). This one, however, was not. It did not move for a very long time, which was a good thing, as I needed to round-up someone at midnight to help me get rid of it.

My husband was the first person I went to, however, he was sound asleep and not to be waken. Drat! On to my son, who was still awake. My son seems to be the one who winds up helping me in catching animals/insects in the house. Remember when the lizard got inside? (Check-out my post…https://anotherdaywithjulie.home.blog/2020/05/04/friday-was-not-just-another-day-with-julie/) In any case, we were at it again. This time, I dug into the recycle bin for a yogurt container. My son got the yogurt container over the scorpion and then slid a piece of cardstock underneath. I taped the cardstock to the container with a little artist’s tape. My son flipped it over and took it outside.

Needless to say, I did not sleep very well directly after all this excitement. I checked under the sheets before getting in as an added bit of precaution. My foot felt wierd even though I did not get stung. Today, I checked out the internet on scorpions and their stingers. Should not have done that as they can give you all sorts of symptoms and it is more information than I really want to know. I will just be glad it didn’t sting me and that we caught it.

As always, Be Careful Where You Step in the Dark!




I just got done trimming my lavender plants when this red dragonfly was spotted on our fence. Usually they are blue/green in color. Interesting guy. The dragonfly was sitting still long enough for me to run in and get my camera and take several shots. Why? Because he was visably in the process of having a snack it seemed. Then he was off.

One never knows what will be in the garden from day to day. As always, Happy Gardening!

The Beautiful Rotary Botanical Gardens


The Rotary Botanical Gardens in Janesville, Wisconsin is one of the most beautiful gardens I have visited. Full of interesting plants, colorful flowers, and fun sculptures, it is well worth the trip. Let me give you a tour…

kaleidoscope to view flowers – so cool!

The Rotary Botanical Gardens is developed into 26 garden spaces on over 20 acres of land. Some of my favorite garden spaces are the French Formal Rose Garden, the Sunken Garden, the Shade Garden, and the Japanese Garden. I also was delighted by the interactive kaleidoscope sculpture that allows you to look at flower petals through a kaleidoscope.

A view of the Japanese Garden

I went in the summer, however, the Gardens would be wonderful to see in other seasons as well. The plants are changed out for different seasons so there is always something new to see. Along with different seasons come different hours of operation. Be sure to check the hours and days they are open before making your trip.

The Gardens are a photographer’s dream. Tons of beautiful flowers, interesting backdrops, sculptures, and insects make it well worth the trip. Charge your batteries before going and be sure to allow time to take in the gardens. There are plenty of benches throughout the garden to sit and enjoy nature or to take a break.

The admission to The Rotary Botanical Gardens is reasonable and they have events and classes throughout the year , so be sure to check-out their calendar. One can also have meetings or weddings held at the Gardens. How nice that would be! On the way out, do not forget to stop in the gift shop. A nice selection of garden merchandise is available for purchase.

So, if you like gardens and find yourself in Wisconsin, be sure to stop by Janesville and enjoy an afternoon at the Rotary Botanical Gardens. You can bring a lunch and have an enjoyable meal on their terrace. Remember to stop and smell the roses.

Unwanted House Guests


A few weeks ago we had some unwanted house guests show up. Not one, not two, not ten, but tons of unwanted house guests. When they first decided to visit they were content to stay on the back patio. Then they decided to crawl up the side of the house. However, I had had enough when a few found a way into my house.

Who were these rude guests you may want to know? Well, I am not one hundred percent sure, but I think they were some type of weevil. At least that is what the pest control expert said when I sent them a photo of the tiny pests to be identified.

I do not like to use chemicals or pesticides to rid my home or yard of weeds or insects. Having said that, how would I get rid of these pests? We were being totally invaded and I do not like bugs in the house. Some had found their way in around the sliding door and window. Once inside, I vacuumed them up with my vacuum cleaner. However, I had to keep the vacuum out and use it multiple times throughout the day. The problem obviously had to be addressed from outside the home, but how?

The answer was salt. Yes, common table salt. I sprinkled salt around the perimeter of the house right up against the base and in all the cracks that make up the sections of concrete in the patio and sidewalk. It took a whole container of salt to spread a generous protective layer around the side of the house the bugs were trying to invade. After a few days, my guests had decided to pack up and leave.

This was a great relief to me. I did not have to sink to spreading chemicals on my property and stressing about what harm that would do to my family and environment. Also, I spent less than two dollars for an extremely effective pest control method. This can also be a preventative method of pest control. Perhaps it is time for me to reapply.