Making Granny Squares at My Age

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I have been in love with granny squares since I was young. I have always wanted to learn to crochet, but could never get past a single chain. This being only good for shoe laces. I decided to give it a try again.

I got a book on crochet, however, I found it hard to understand the procedures through the pictures. Maybe as a refresher once I have the hang of it, but for a beginner, this did me no good at all. My next step, youtube.

A lot of people will try and teach “beginners” to crochet granny squares on youtube. I gave three a try. The first one went too fast. Yes, I did pause and rewind and all of that, however, it wasn’t working. Proof of this fact is the above photo. The white “blob” is my attempt with this youtuber’s help.

I was beginning to think that maybe I was too young to be making granny squares. Do you have to be a “granny” to make them? Surely that couldn’t be the case…

Moving right along, I went through various videos until I came across my HERO. Jayda InStitches was just what I needed. Her video was slow and she explanded everything so well. I actually made a granny square that looks like a granny square, with her guidance. THANK-YOU Jayda! (The three colored granny squares were made using the video as my teacher. They are arranged in order of making them. As you can see, I got better as I made a few. The blue/gold square was the last to be made and clearly the best.)

From this learning experience, I have come to the conclusion that not everyone is a good teacher for every person. Some people might have learned well from the first video I watched, but it wasn’t for me. Teaching and learning styles vary greatly from person to person.

As always, Happy Crocheting!


Turning Tools for Sewing


I highly recommend the Quick Turn turning tools by Dritz. If I had only known about these lovely gadgets years ago, I would have saved myself endless frustration and tantrums. So how do they work and why do I like them so much?

First off, the Quick Turn turning tools are used to turn tubes of material from wrong side to right side of fabric. Often a pattern will instruct one to cut a narrow strip of fabric, fold it in half lengthwise, stitch, and turn. Yah right! My reaction is always, “how am I supposed to turn this narrow little thing?” Well it usually can be done with a few tantrums and curse words, but this is now a thing of the past.

Once the tubes are sewn, one slides a tube (kinda like a very stiff straw) into the fabric tube. Then, the metal rod or wooden rod is used to gently push the material inside the tube. When it gets a little bit under way, one just gives it a pull and voila, it comes out the other end right side out. All this just takes seconds to do. That is why I love these gadgets. They even come in different sizes so even the teeny tiniest of tubes can be turned. (We’re talking 1/4″ here!- see photo)

So, if the project on hand calls for turning tubes of fabric, I highly recommend investing in some turning tools before getting started. They will save time and frustration. Turning tools are an inexpensive and useful addition to any sewing box.

As always, Happy Sewing!