Is She Still Sleeping on Those Patched Sheets!


Some time back I posted that I bought new sheets (since mine were worn) and they were HOT and uncomfortable. Due to the Covid circumstances, I could not get out and shop for replacement sheets so I patched my old sheets and threw them back on the bed. Anything was better than sleeping on those HOT sheets! I forgot to post that I did finally purchase new sheets and they are devine. In fact, after sleeping on them for a while (to be sure I liked them) I purchased a back-up pair.

Now, this leads me to explain what I did with my old, patched sheets. I am still using them. Well….kind of….let me explain. I do not like to waste things. I grabbed a pair of scissors made a slit and ripped my old sheets over and over again until I had a big stack of rags. I devided the rags into two piles. One pile went to my husband for him to use in the garage, the other I kept to use around the house. So, while I am not still sleeping on the sheets, I have not gotten rid of them quite yet.

I have also learned a lesson from the whole sheet incident. Mainly, if you want to purchase something in the future, keep a record of the brand, materials the item is made of, manufacturer, and where it was purchased. This is especially true of any item being washed, where the risk of the tag fading beyond being readable is a posibility. I put my record of items into a word document on my computer. I also attached pictures in the document so I would know what the item looked like. Genius!

As always, Happy Sleeping!