My college boy wanted to carve pumpkins today, being Halloween and all. I had meant to pick-up some pumpkins but never did. To tell the truth, I had not really seen many while out and about. So before sending my son on a wild goose chase, I called around. It’s a good thing I did. Everyone seemed to be out of pumpkins. Oh my!

On my last call, the woman said they still had some medium sized carvable pumpkins. Ok! So my son went and picked-up a couple. I would actually call them small pumpkins, but they did the job.

We had fun carving our pumpkins. My son is quite good at carving details in the pumpkins. I am just happy to get a face carved. My pumpkin is on the right. He kind of looks scared of the other pumpkin I think.

We will set the pumpkins out tonight and put battery operated tea-light candles in them. Not doing candy this year with Covid and all. Of course, for the past three years or more, we have not had a single trick-or-treater come to the door anyway.

Have a Safe and Happy Halloween!


Carving Pumpkins


Although a pumpkin is a great decoration untouched, a carved pumpkin is always fun. Every carved pumpkin acquires it’s own identity. Each carver becomes an artist. It is almost magical.

Pumpkins can be carved with a kitchen knife. However, when my kids were little I picked up a couple of special carving knives sold especially for carving pumpkins. These are an inexpensive purchase that has served us well over the years. I feel they go into the pumpkins easier, save dulling good knives, and are safer to use.

Pumpkin Carving Knife

The lighting of the pumpkin, which has now turned into a jack-o-lantern, can be done with candles. I have switched from candles to battery operated tea lights. In this way, I do not have to worry about fire hazards. This is especially true of this time of year in Southern California when the Santa Ana winds are blowing through.

Battery Operated Tea Light Candles

The ways one can carve a pumpkin are endless. Here are a few of my family’s creations over the years… HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

Decorating for Fall with Pumpkins


Decorating for fall with pumpkins does not have to mean carving up a pumpkin. Pumpkins can leave an elegant accent to a table or buffet. Pumpkins are a fall staple and can come out in October and stay through November making great Thanksgiving statement pieces.


I love the elegant white “Cinderella” pumpkins. Simply purchase a white pumpkin and find a satin or velvet ribbon in a color of choice and a jewel or ornament to give it some sparkle. This very easy and simple idea looks quite expensive.


This gorgeous design of pumpkins, greens, pine cones, candles, etc… set on a table runner makes for a very festive table. I can already smell the turkey baking in the oven and friends and family coming through the door. This idea is oozing with warmth.


Another very simple idea, this time the pumpkin is used as a vase. Keep the colors of the arrangement in the same family to make it sophisticated. Placed on a piece of wood for a natural feel.


I love the orange mum pumpkin. Since pumpkins are orange this works well to keep it natural yet the mums give the pumpkin a new texture and lovely smell. I am not such a fan of the yellow daisy pumpkin. I would perhaps choose white flowers instead.


I thought this tutorial was brilliant. A little fabric cinched together with a running stitch and filled with stuffing and a pumpkin is born. These can be made more elegant depending on the fabric chosen. A country pumpkin could also be made with a lovely gingham fabric. A longer, flowing ribbon might also be a nice touch.


This is just an adorable little knitted pumpkin. I could also see this as a “Cinderella” pumpkin in white. A great decoration for households with children.

Happy Fall!