Kitchen Tools Make a Difference


I was looking around in a local home store when a pretty pastry brush caught my eye. It had a round painted handle and fit my hand beautifully. “Ohhh…I have to have this,” I exclaimed. I was in need of a new brush anyway, and although it was slightly more than I was used to paying, I snatched it up and am so glad I did.

My old pastry brushes were the typical 2-pack grocery store isle type. They never lasted long and so were not, in my opinion, the value they were cracked up to be. There is also a silicone brush in our kitchen. However, I do not care for the silicone brush, as the butter does not tend to adhere to it very well and it’s texture is course on pastries.

My new Jamie Oliver pastry brush, however, is a dream. It seems to be holding up quite well and I love the round shape of it compared to the flat, paint-brush styles. It is easy to poke into nooks and crannies. The handle is comfortable and it is just nice to use as it glides across surfaces so easily.

Having the right tools in the kitchen is a must. Quality tools will most likely last longer saving money down the road. They will not only make the task easier, but also make the kitchen experience more pleasant. Happy cooking!