Catching Hair Before it Goes Down the Drain


Drain hair catchers are important in keeping hair from clogging the pipes in the bathtub. But not all are of the same quality or work in the same manner. I have recently replaced our old plastic drain hair catcher with a newer version and what a difference it makes!

The old version was made of plastic and had grippers on it with the idea of catching the hair before going down the pipes. The problem with this style (for our household) was that it did not stay in place all of the time. Also, another factor was that it just looked gross. Imagine (if you dare) looking down to see a wad of hair collected at the drain. To top this off, if there was a big enough wad of hair in the catcher (meaning no one was brave enough to empty it) , water would start to build up in the tub, as the hair blocked the way for the water to go down. The whole thing, disgusting!

Bathroom Drain Hair Stopper™

But if one goes without a catcher of some sort, there is the price to pay of fishing something down the pipe to extrude the hair blockage. Again, a big gross! But no need to panic! There is a better option out there and I have recently added it to my tub.

So this version of the drain hair catcher, the TubShroom, works so much better. It actuallly fits down into the drain and collects the hair down there without anyone being able to see any hair balls. It collects in a circle around a mesh tube so that water still can go through. The top looks like any normal bathtub metal stopper only with holes in it for water can go down. This catcher will allow water to build up a bit in tub if one doesn’t collect the hair when needed. So one still has to empty the thing, but it is not as disgusting as it comes off in a perfect little circle.

Alternate image 1 for TubShroom Drain Hair Catcher in Chrome/Clear
Alternate image 6 for TubShroom Drain Hair Catcher in Chrome/Clear
TubShroom with hair caught on it

So, if finding oneself up to the ankles in water, I recommend giving the TubShroom a try. This is one of my favorite household products of late. As always, Happy Cleaning!

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