At Home Haircuts


I have been giving at home haircuts for YEARS. It started way back when I was a teenager in high school. I would watch the hair dresser cut my hair and copy it when I needed a trim. I had a short, layered hair style back then, so a lot of cutting was involved. My brother even let me cut his hair and yes, give him an at home perm.

Fast forward many years later and I am still cutting hair. This is mainly due to the fact that whenever I go to the hair salon I always like the way I looked before I went in better than when I come out. Also, the prices are pretty expensive, especially if I just need a little trim off the ends and my bangs. Honestly, I can do that at home.

So, while in quarantine, I am not stressing about my hair or my family’s hair. I have also been cutting my children’s hair for years. The only person in our household that was going to the barber was my husband. He would never let me cut his hair, until quarantine that is. I was so extremely happy when he asked me to cut his hair and even happier when he asked for the second and third time. I do enjoy cutting hair!

Some tips from me…WARNING….I am not trained in any way to cut hair…just a personal hobby…so anything I have written may work for me and my family but do not come crying to me if your hair winds up looking wonky. We have all given and received a bad hairdo from time to time. It will grow back. Hats are also a wonderful option. But really, what a better time could there be to try this. If quarantining properly, hardly anyone will see the outcome anyway.

A couple of very important things to remember when trying to cut hair on your own… First of all DO NOT cut hair with regular scissors, school scissors, pinking shears, sewing scissors, embroidery scissors, garden scissors, nail scissors, etc… Do not use any ‘bonus’ scissors that may be included with cheap clipper sets. They are not quality scissors. When cutting hair (if wanting to look good) a good quality pair of hair shears is required. Think beauty supply store. It will be well worth the investment.

There are some very good videos on you-tube on how to cut hair. I recommend watching a few to get the idea before diving in on your significant other’s hair. There are also books on home haircutting that may be worth a read. I DO NOT recommend trying to cut bangs if there were not bangs to begin with unless some research is done first. Too many bangs are not a good thing. The hair needs to be sectioned properly before cutting. Short bangs are not a good thing. When I cut my bangs, I cut them wet but I allow for shrinkage. When hair drys, it is a bit shorter. I pull my bangs straight up pulling them between my index finger and my middle finger and cut straight across. This does not give a straight cut. When hair is let down, it will be slightly longer on the ends. This is because the head is curved. Think rainbow but not so dramatic as that. If cut straight across the eyebrows, temples would be showing a bit too much. My husband cuts the ends of my hair. It is difficult to cut the length of one’s own hair. Not saying it can not be done, but not an easy task.

I cut the boys hair dry. I use a clipper with comb attachment to cut the hair around the sides and back of head. I take the comb attachment off and finish the neckline and sideburns with the clippers minus the attachment. I cut around the ears with scissors and I finish the top of the head and bangs area with scissors, blending into the sides. I do this by layering the hairs by taking hair between my index and middle finger and pulling straight up for the top of the head and then straight out for the side and the part between the top and side at an angle. Before using the clippers (each time) apply a drop or two of lubricating oil (meant for use with clippers) on the blade. This is important in maintaing the quality of the clippers.

Curls, waves, cowlicks can all be a bit challenging. I find it easier to cut long hair wet, especially if there is any wave to it at all. Having said that, waves do shrink-up hair when dry so be careful not to overdue the cutting or the hair will be much shorter than desired. Sometimes a few extra cuts are needed to get a cowlick or curl to behave. For me it is just a learned process.

With Covid-19 still hanging on, I am glad that I am not afraid to tackle my family’s hair needs. I have asked for a barber pole and chair that lifts and spins but have been denied. I little dream of mine. Oh well…maybe some day… Happy Styling!