Dahlia Bulbs Coming Up in the Garden


Back when I ordered my Rheinland Astilbe dry root, I also ordered some mixed buttercup bulbs and some Myrtle’s Folly Dahlia bulbs. The bulbs are promised to show flowers by summer. I have been diligently watering the bulbs and this morning I saw a green shoot.

Careful not to get too excited, I gave the shoot a good looking over. Is it really the beginning of a dahlia or just a weed? It seems pretty thick, and does not resemble the other weeds in the area. I think we have success!

My latest idea is to take a photo every morning of the dahlia plant as it grows. My son (a photo wiz) can then help me create a time laps of the growth of my dahlia plant. However, if I know the rabbits around here, I had better act quickly and get my plant fenced in and safe before sundown.