Goldie and Giving Back


Goldie Hawn has always been one of my favorite actresses. Funny, carefree, with a definite “hippy” vibe. What’s not to love? But there is more to this actress/producer/mother/grandmother than meets the eye.

Goldie Hawn created The Goldie Hawn Foundation and MIND UP to help children practice mindfulness. Classrooms can adopt the program (which was created by Hawn and specialists in the field) to teach children how their brains work, to focus, to be mindful, and to understand the power of gratitude and empathy. The focused breathing exercises help the children to focus and to manage their emotions and stress. The idea is to give the children the resources they need to create their own happiness and to become happy adults who are in a good place in their lives. This can also be practiced at home.

This program totally makes sense to me. Why not start children in a practice such as this from an early age? Or at any age for that matter. People can learn to control their anxiety and stress through meditation and breathing exercises making for a healthier individual. I love this approach! And I love that Goldie is using her voice to help our children. A true star!

To learn more read Goldie’s book 10 Mindful Minutes and go to to read further about the MIND UP program.