Colors to Wear for Fall/Winter 2019/2020

Style and Beauty

The latest trend colors of the season are here. The Pantone Color Institute’s latest Fashion Color Trend Report is out. These colors are what designers will be using this fall and winter to design their lines. No doubt the stores will be favoring these “it” shades.

What to do if the latest trend colors are not the perfect shade for a person’s coloring? In this case, trend shades can be incorporated into accessories instead of being used as the main piece of the wardrobe. Not everyone looks good in every color. The key to looking good is to know what flatters and what does not. Same goes if the budget does not allow to make multiple purchases of the new trend colors of the season. Purchase a couple of statement pieces and then supplement the existing wardrobe with accessories in the new trend colors. Jewelry, scarves, shoes, belts, hair clips, purses, hats, etc… can add a nice pop of color and be less likely to break the bank.

Here are the fall/winter trend colors for 2019:

18-4217 Blue
19-1650 Biking Red
19-1557 Chili Pepper
12-1110 Creme de Peche
15-1150 Dark Cheddar
19-6050 Eden
17-1926 Fruit Dove
19-4055 Galaxy Blue
18-1155 Sugar Almond
19-1234 Rocky Road
15-1530 Peach Pink
16-1358 Orange Tiger

The following four shades are considered the classics of the season. They are core shades that can be meant as the underlying foundation of the outfit using other colors to enhance it. They are also capable of standing on their own.

16-0000 Paloma
17-0530 Guacamole
19-3815 Evening Blue
12-0815 Vanilla Custard

Now that the palette is set, it is up to the artist to create the masterpiece. Why not try a new color! Pick and choose from the palette and mix with existing wardrobe pieces to make the best individual statement. Happy shopping!