Getting My Closet Organized on a Budget


I was REALLY wishing I had a different closet organizer. When we bought this house over seventeen years ago, I just moved my things into the closet as it was. But one persons needs for an organizer are not necessarily anothers.

So recently I looked into the price of a new closet organizer. Wow! They do not come cheap. So I decided to see what I could do on my own. Upon more careful inspection, I decided I could make due and be happy with a few minor adjustments. I removed the shelves that could be adjusted and the clothes rods as well. Unfortunately, some of the shelves were permanent and were not going anywhere. Next, I decided to reorganize what I could to give my clothes the maximum hanging length. Then all the clothes went back into the closet. This time, tops on one side and bottoms and dresses on the other. But what to do with the shoes!

Alternate image 2 for SALTâ„¢ 3-Tier Wood Shoe Rack
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SALT 3-tier wood shoe rack

I had my shoes in boxes. However, in order to get to the shoes on the bottom, I had to take everything on top off and then stack them up again. What a pain! I headed to the store… I found a very simple wooded shoe rack that was wide and tall enough to fit my boxes and cheap enough for my budget (Only $15, plus I had a coupon!). I brought it home and assembled it. I also sanded it, as it was a bit rough. It fit perfectly for my space and the boxes are now easy to pull out when I need a pair of shoes.

I saved a lot of money by redoing what I had and adding the shoe rack. Is it perfect? No, it is not perfect, but it is organized, does the job, and I am a little happier every time I open my closet doors. Happy organizing!