Keeping Cleaning Schedule Charts


It is very easy to get busy and neglect certain chores or forget when the last cleaning was done. To solve this issue and hopefully get the home back in tip top shape, I have posted a few cleaning charts. Here is what I’ve come up with…

My new HE washing machine needs to have a tub cycle run about once a month to prevent any mold, etc.. from forming. So, I have made a simple chart using Excel that I fill in the date each month when I have completed the tub cycle. The chart is tacked (using poster putty) to the inside door of my cabinet above the machine.

My vaccum cleaner is supposed to have the filters cleaned monthly. I know for a fact that it is not a good thing to let the filters go uncleaned. Again, I made an Excel chart for this and posted it on the wall in the closet where the vaccum is stored.

I saw in one of Martha Stewart’s books where she pins a chart on her mattress to tell when to rotate and/or flip the mattress. Great idea! I am not going to remember when I do this. So I made an Excel chart showing the dates the mattress needing looking after and pinned it to the mattress.

Yesterday, I cleaned the exhaust fan above the kitchen stove. Yuck! I think this needs to be done a little more frequently in order to prevent such a big cleaning job. Looks like another chart needs to be made!

I have also implemented this chart to help my son tackle his room chores. I made a chart that he needs to fill-in weekly for the cleaning of his room, his windows, and his bedding. This is tacked to the back of his door. I am not so sure he is as excited about this chart as I am though.

Cleaning schedule charts are a great way to keep oneself accountable for maintenance on household appliances and for routine cleaning. Charts can be made for anything needed to be maintained or cleaned around the house. Happy Cleaning!