Spring Cleaning…Let’s Start with the Bathrooms!


News of the Coronavirus is stressing me out! Will we have enough toilet paper? Will the stores be depleted of all the items on my list? Will one of us take ill? Let’s face it, all the news can really weigh on a person. It is not good for one’s health to be stressed. But how to stop thinking about everything!?! I tried some spring cleaning this morning and it did wonders!

I saw that toothpaste was supposed to be excellent for cleaning the grout in showers. Well, that seemed interesting to me, so I gave it a try. I must say that the toothpaste was a good idea. I liked that it was thick and clung to the brush and was easy to use. It also smelled minty fresh.

I also read once that dryer sheets were an effective way to clean glass shower doors. Yes, indeed this works as well. One can also use the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on shower doors, however, they are more expensive and will crumble after a while. To use the dryer sheets, just get them wet, wad them up, and give the glass a scrub. They take the soap scum off with little effort.

As I was really stressing this morning, I went crazy and did two bathrooms from top to bottom. I cleaned the showers, the windows, the sinks, the toilets, the light fixtures, mopped the floors, sponged down the walls, and washed the curtains and rugs. I felt 100% better and my bathrooms are sparkling.

As this was so rewarding, I have decided to not only clean the bathrooms, but to start spring cleaning the entire house. I will do this procedure room by room. After all, if we have to stay home, it might as well be clean. Happy cleaning!