My Take on Ford vs. Ferrari

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Run don’t walk to your nearest theater before Ford vs. Ferrari departs. This is a movie full of excitement, suspense, and emotion. Not a race car fan? No need to worry! This is a movie to please everyone.

While I like cars and know different models, I do not follow the racing scene. However, this movie is not just about racing, it is a movie based on the true story of the Ford motor company trying to design a race car to beat the best, Ferrari.

It all starts with a trip by Lee Iacocca to Italy to purchase Ferrari for Ford. When Ferrari refuses to sell to Ford and insults him, Ford decides to hire Carroll Shelby to help build a race car to beat Ferrari at the famous Le Mans race in France.

Of course there is always a bad guy and in this movie it is the head marketing man at Ford who is against Ken Miles being the driver of the Ford car. Shelby insists that Miles is the only choice if Ford wants to win the Le Mans. This creates tension throughout the movie.

I did not think I would have been so excited about this movie. However, I enjoyed it very much and think it was one of the best movies I have seen in a long time. I do recommend bringing a hankie or a few tissues, as the ending will start the tears a flowing. Also, be careful on the drive home. After seeing this movie it may be hard to drive in the slow lane.