Master Chef Jr. Season 8


If you’ve visited my blog before, you will already know I am a fan of all the cooking shows starring Gordon Ramsay. Well then, it will be no surprise to you that I am watching the latest Master Chef Jr. Master Chef Jr. features kids that really know their way around the kitchen.

When they say junior, they mean it. These kids are ages about 8 to 13 years old. Eight!!! Yes, eight years old, cooking without recipes, and plating like pros.

Some of the junior contestants have parents who own restaurants, or have taken cooking lessons; others are self taught or influenced by family members. These kids have cooked octopus, eel, Scotch eggs, etc.. already on the show. Octopus! Eel! I would not know where to begin with these things and honestly, I have never even eaten a Scotch egg before. Nothing stumps these kids though.

Not only does the show highlight these young chef’s amazing skills, it is also quite entertaining to watch and funny, at times, as well. They are only into week four, so if you haven’t already, tune-in next week. You will not only be entertained, but you may even learn a thing or two about cooking. I know I have.

As always, Happy Cooking!

Photo of Freddy:


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