Finally Getting the Hang of Gardening (After All These Years!)


This is the first year I can actually say that my garden was under control. Weeding, check. Watering, check. Harvesting, check. Uprooting, check.

Normally, I have to admit, the garden controls us. More weeds than wanted. Zucchini too large for a giant to eat. Plants past their prime still in residence. But this year things have changed. The garden looks great! So what was the big secret to a well kept, beautiful garden? I got my lazy self into a daily gardening rountine, that’s what.

Instead of checking on the garden when the thought came to mind, I made it a daily task. In this way, I could tackle a few weeds daily, in mere seconds, instead of a load of weeds that would take forever. I knew how my produce was coming along and when to expect being able to pick them. Instead of letting my plants, that were past prime, hang around rent free, I evicted them. All of this daily upkeep was far less work than checking on things less frequently. It also led to far less waste in the garden.

So, gardening really takes commitment and dedication. Sure, anyone can plant a garden, but the upkeep is the secret to the garden and the gardeners success.

As always, Happy Gardening!


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