Hawk Watching


My husband noticed a hawk hanging around our home recently. He seems to like to hang-out on the wires in our front yard and also in our tree. He comes and goes more than a few times a day. He seems to have a pattern of places he likes to visit.

He seems fairly tame really, as he does not startle easily. I went to get the mail one afternoon and did not think he was in the yard, only to be surprised to find him on the ground. Our eyes met and then I carried on about my business and he his. Yesterday, I was walking past our tree on a path and was surprised to look up and see our hawk friend. Again our eyes met. I kept walking, so as not to alarm him. He stayed in the tree. After a bit, he flew up to the wires. Bicyclists, cars, etc., do not bother him.

Every day we catch ourselves looking out the window in search of the hawk. He is most likely hunting as he is very focused on the ground below. I have taken photos of him and compared them to the photos in a bird book I have. I believe he is a Red Shouldered Hawk.

Well, we hope he likes our yard and continues to stay around. He is a beautiful and fascinating bird. I wonder what he thinks of us?

As always, Happy Observing!

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