My Take on The Lady Vanishes

movie review

The Lady Vanishes is a black and white Alfred Hitchcock movie filmed in England in 1938. Margaret Lockwood, Michael Redgrave, and May Whitty are the main actors in this film. Of course, Alfred Hitchcock always appears as an extra in his films. So be sure to be on the lookout for him as well.

The setting for the film is a hotel in Europe and a train. Travelers are forced to stay at the hotel as an avalanche has postponed travel for the night. Iris Henderson is staying with her friends before catching a train to meet her fiance that she is not to eager to marry. While her friends are out, she tries to get some sleep and is disturbed by the noise of a folk musician in the room above. While going out into the hall to investigate the noise, she meets an older woman, Miss Froy. They talk about the noise and then say their goodnights.

Next day, the train is back on schedule. While waiting to board, Miss Froy drops her glasses and Iris goes to give them to her but takes a bump to the head that was meant for someone else. Miss Froy accompanies Iris to the train. Iris is in and out of sleep and then low and behold Miss Froy is nowhere to be found. Everyone that should have seen her has no recollection of her. Iris is beside herself. And so the mystery begins….

One really can not go wrong with an Alfred Hitchcock movie and this is no exception. I was drawn in from the beginning till the end. And believe me, the ending was a surprise. I highly recommend to all mystery buffs, The Lady Vanishes. It is an oldy but a goodie.

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