A Quaint Thanksgiving


With covid on the rise, we decided to be model citizens and have a quaint Thanksgiving. Just the three of us. Does that mean we had to skimp on the meal? Don’t be silly!

I discussed with my guys what they wanted for Thanksgiving dinner. I, for one, did not really want to make a turkey. A turkey would be way too much bird for us. And I’m not that fond of preparing it or of having leftover turkey. I suggested game hens. The guys gave the ok to that. Not real big turkey fans either. For the sides, my son still wanted dressing and mashed potatoes with gravy. Ok. I was on board with that. Rice was also on the list as were green beans. Rolls were a must for me. All the side dishes would be made in quantities for three. And of course pie was an absolute must.

This year, instead of having the Thanksgiving meal at lunch time, as my family has always done, I decided to have it at dinner time. This gave me more time to prepare without feeling rushed. And since we usually have our larger meal at dinner it just made more sense.

I put the table cloth on the table and got out the good china. Fabulous! We each took our turn to say what we were thankful for this year. Maybe this year, with things such as they are, we could count our blessings even more. We have our health and food on the table. That is what seems to be important right now. I saved my wish bone from my game hen. The guys could not locate their wish bones. So tomorrow when the wish bone dries out a bit, we can break it and make a good wish. I already know what I will wish for if I get the big end. It is really a no brainer for me this year.

After enjoying our Thanksgiving dinner, we skyped with our daughter, who is away at college. Then we took a walk in the neighborhood. No one was out, just us taking a walk in the moon light. We came home and played a board game. A quaint but lovely Thanksgiving. It is, after all, what one makes of it.

I hope everyone had a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

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