What is the Best Way to Learn a Language?


As some, familiar with my blog may recall, I am trying to learn German. I have mainly been using the program Duolingo. Usually, I fade out of this program and then come back to it. However, as of current day, I have used Duolingo for 50 days straight. But is that enough?

The answer to that question is obviously a big fat NO. Duolingo is good, however, I can not pick and choose my vocabulary or what I would like to learn. I had bought a German workbook to learn the language but that kind of got stuffed under the coffee table only to be found while dusting. So, I have decided to dust off the workbook and give it another try with the start of a new school year.

I also decided I should try to make my learning experience a bit more fun by getting some easy readers. I am talking elementary school level here. But hey, one has to start somewhere. So I picked a couple of books that look like fun and will give them a try.

While I think my reading and recognizing words is getting better, my speaking is definitely not. Well, this should not be a great surprise because it is not like I can practice this skill on just anyone. But there has to be a better way.

I feel as though people from other countries speak more languages than Americans do. Not only do they speak other languages, but they speak them quite well indeed. I am always amazed when speaking to someone, where English is not their first language, and they say, “I only know a little”, and then they start speaking almost perfect English. How is this done?

So, I am asking for some advice here. If you know other languages, besides your native language, how did you learn it? What was the best method for you? Do you have any advice to pass on?

As always, Happy Learning!

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