Planting Apricots from Seeds


If at all familiar with my blog, one will know that I like to try growing plants from cuttings or seeds. So it will not be of any surprise that I am at it again. This time, however, it was my son’s idea to plant an apricot seed.

It is always best to do a little research before sticking cuttings or seeds into the soil. Our research on the apricot was well advised, as we now have the start of our apricot tree growing. How did we do it? Simple enough reallly. After eating the apricot, we let the pit dry on a paper towel for a few days. When it was hard, my son cracked it open with a hammer. Kinda like cracking a walnut shell really. Inside the pit lies a nice little apricot seed. This was then put into a hole poked into soil and covered with a light topping of soil. I have been careful to water it and keep it moist, especially in the heat we have been having as of late. Low and behold, the seed has produced lovely green leaves. It will be fun to watch this tree form. As always Happy Gardening!


The apricot is front row on the left. Note how well the lavender and the blue potato bush are coming along as well.

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