Skateboarding at the Olympics!


So I did a little research on my skateboard trucks. There was the name Chris Joslin on them. Well, I had to find out what kind of dude this guy was. Afterall, his name is on my board.

I found out Chris Joslin lives in SoCal. Hey, so do I! He is of course a skateboarder. Hey, so am I! He is a really good skateboarder as a matter of fact. I watched some videos of him. So good in fact that he has brands like Independent putting his name on their trucks. Oh, and he is due to be in the Olympics as well. Skateboarding in the Olympics! Well…the Olympics that were supposed to happen until the CoronaVirus hit and put a hold on things. I wonder…since the Olympics will be postponed…would there be enough time for me to train? I can, after all, skate my driveway and street. Ok, my kick turns could use a little work but hey… Just kidding. I can not do any tricks. But since becoming a skate Betty, watching the videos of Chris Joslin makes me appreciate what talent and skill skateboarding takes. I am glad skateboarding finally made it to the Olympics. I will tune in to cheer on Team USA when the time comes.

I also saw in the recent National Geographic Magazine an article about skateboarding. Very interesting. More girls are getting into skateboarding these days. I guess I am on trend. Well, these kids make skateboarding look so easy, but believe me, it takes a lot of practice, skill, drive, and most likely bandages to get good enough to make it to the Olympics. After getting my board, I know it is not as easy as it looks. Sometimes the easiest way to appreciate something is to try it for yourself.

As always, Happy Skating!

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