Adding a Smile to My Day


My husband recently requested that the family clean out the garage. The kids, now out of school, still had a lot of items they had outgrown or had not used in years. How many beach balls do we really need?

So last weekend I got the kids together and we went through the stash. I am happy to say that we did a great job in clearing out the space. The kids wanted to donate the items that were still worthy of being used. Ok. I’m on board. Bag it up and we will donate it.

One item I thought the little neighbor girl might like. A hopper ball. The air-filled ball with a handle that is sat and bounced on. She happily took it. I was glad to see it have a good home. My son LOVED it and hopefully she will too.

The other big item that I thought hard to just bag up and donate was a baseball pitching rebounder net. The frame is quite large so it would be hard to haul around. Today, I decided to put it out in front with a ‘free’ sign on it. Maybe someone would take it. I proceeded to work out back pulling weeds. Then I saw two teenage boys go by. I heard voices and knew that they were out front contemplating the net. A bit later, I looked up and saw the boys heading back the way they came. This time, they were carrying the net. Horray! I was happy, they were happy, all is well.

I went on with my day, went in to clean up, and much later looked out the window at the front porch. What’s this? Spelled out on the porch in bark from our yard was “Thanks” with a piece of fruit for an added touch. I knew right away that it must have been the boys who took the net. It brought a smile to my face and happiness to my day. They found a way to say thanks and I thought it was sweet, something I was not expecting at all. It goes to show that a little kindness goes a long way.

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