Building a Garden Tuteur


My husband and the kids are doing projects together this summer. I said, “Hey! How about me? I want to do a project too!” So, I got in on the deal. The project I chose to make with my husband was a garden tuteur. Tuteur is French, which makes it sound that much more appealing. It basically means stake or support. It is put in the garden to support climbing plants and vines but also for an aesthetic element to the garden.

The above is a sketch I did of the finished tuteur in our garden. I wanted a color that would complement the orange and lemon trees in our yard and also the lavender. A bright tourqoise stain was chosen. We chose to stain instead of paint the tuteur so it would not peel. Love the bright fun shade!

To make the tuteur we followed the building directions at:

The tuteur was really pretty simple to make. It involved cutting boards on the table saw then using a mitre saw to cut the angles. Pieces were assembled using weatherproof wood glue and screws. We built the tuteur in two sessions. We stained it in two sessions as well, letting the stain dry overnight inbetween coats.

Of course, I say this was pretty simple to make only because I have a husband who has built a thing or two in his day and knows what he is doing. I’m sure if I tried to build this on my own it would have come out all lopsided and wonky. A BIG thanks to my husband for our great summer project! As always, Happy Gardening!

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