I Have Earned My Wheels


As I mentioned in my earlier post ‘Learning to Skateboard at My Age? Why Not!’, I have taken-up skateboarding. It has become an almost nightly thing with me now. My husband was sweet enough to gift me my own board. I no longer have to borrow my son’s board. I have my own wheels.

The skateboard was not bought as a complete, but in pieces that we chose and then assembled. I not only got a lesson in how to ride, but how to put together a skateboard as well. Needed are a deck, grip tape, trucks, risers, wheels, bearings, and screws. Oh, and two handy guys that know how to put this all together. Of course, one can just get it assembled at the skate shop. But then the guys do not get to have any fun.

I really like my new board. It is a super smooth ride. Thanks guys!

My board. Sweet!
My adorable bear cut-out grip tape! This grip tape comes in goofy or regular. I’m a goofy.

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