Getting Rid of Earwigs (Pincher Bugs)


Earwigs (or as my kids refer to them) Pincher Bugs can be a pain. They can eat plants in the garden. My daughter recently found some in the house and unsuccessfully tried to drown them. They are tricky little buggers. So how does one get rid of these creepy, little pests? Safely…

The answer seems to be with oil. I used canola, however, any type is sure to do the trick. I poured a small amount of canola oil into two containers (disposable food containers…a shallow yogurt container and a plastic container my cookies came in). We have two garden sheds and they both have pincher bugs in them. So I put a container of oil in each of the sheds, just set them down on the floor of the shed near the spot I saw most of the pincher bugs and shut the door.

As pincher bugs are nocturnal (although I still see them during the day, especially if they are disturbed), like dark places or moisture, I let them have at it over night. When I opened shed number one in the morning…Success!! Dead pincher bugs were floating in the oil. On to shed number two…again Success!!

Earwigs (pincher bugs) floating in oil in cookie container

This method of eliminating the pincher bugs was super easy and was very effective. As I like to use household ingredients that are not poisonous to me in and around my home, this was a good solution. Once the outdoor infestation is toned down, I will asume they will not be making their way indoors either. As always, Happy Gardening!

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