Re-Reading and Re-Organizing Favorite Books


My stash of books is starting to dwindle. I have started a new book and have only one left in my to read stash. As libraries are closed due to the recent precautions and shutdowns, I will turn to my own resources after I have depleated my stash.

Lucky for me, I LOVE books and always have. I have my own personal library and have even made an Excel spreadsheet listing them in alphabetical order along with their authors and type of book. However, the other day I saw my husband looking at something on his cell phone. “What is this?” I asked. The answer got me curious and excited. Apparently, new technology being what it is, there are sites that allow one to enter ISBN numbers of books to efforetlessly organize and log one’s entire personal library. It even pulls up a picture of the cover, gives a summary of the book, and allows one to rate the book with stars. Oh my word! My new mission is to convert my “outdated” Excel spreadsheet into a “modern” on-line library system. The website I am using is:

Upon using the on-line library system, I must say that I LOVE it! Oh my gosh is it cool! So I entered a bunch of my books and some same up with a different jacket cover the the book. Not to worry… the program allows one to upload a photo of the correct jacket cover and switch them out. Amazing! So, for any covers that differed, I took a photo of my book and downloaded it. It was very easy to do. Also, if a book does not have a ISBN number it can be brought up by title or author. I had one book that would not come up using any of these methods, however, the program let’s one manually enter books of this nature. So cool!

The program also allows one to create multiple libraries. I am going to organize my craft books into their own library, my art books into their own library, and the same for my cook books. One can choose to publish and share their libraries with friends if they wish or keep the libraries only for their own use.

Soon I will have to start re-reading some of my old favorites. Perhaps a Sydney Sheldon? I have not read his books for a while so I am sure they will be full of surprise for me again. Needless to say, it will be much easier to choose that next book once my on-line library is updated.

I can also scan through the shelves of my other family members for some fresh reading material. I got my daughter a book on the great costume designer, Edith Head, that I would not mind sinking my teeth into. I think my son’s copy of The Art of Racing in the Rain might also be of interest to me.

For now, I am set with a rather thick novel. However, it is comforting to know that there are possibilites in house. Perhaps this may even be a good time to start writing my own book… Happy Reading!

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